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Marriage Ain’t For Punks is a marriage community where couples receive valuable, practical tools and resources to improve their union.

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Marriage Tips

The best marriage tips in one place.

Looking for a way to make your marriage better? Check out our top marriage tips. From understanding your partner’s needs to setting clear boundaries, we’ve got you covered.
Virtual & In-person Events

Meet. Create. Connect

Experience events that will create a connection between you and your loved one. From coffee dates to networking events, we’ll ensure you have a great time without leaving your home or not.

Marriage Community

Connect with like-minded people who want to improve their relationships.

Find a safe and supportive place to connect with others who share your interests and core values.
Pre-Marriage Community

Meet your future spouse on the app also!

Remember, it’s not for dating, but for marriage-minded people looking for lasting relationships.


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Marriage Ain't For Punks

A No-Nonsense Guide to Building a Lasting Relationship.

A marriage game-changer from beloved marriage counselor & relationship expert Calvin Roberson.

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